37 Funniest Work from Home Memes [That are So True] in 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all with a change in our daily routine and forced many people to change their office suits for work-from-home pajamas.

During the coronavirus lockdown, working from home has become our everyday reality. While it may be a dream come true for some people, others are struggling with loneliness and boredom.

To help you break the monotony, we have compiled a list of the funniest work from home memes that will make you laugh.

Work from Home Everyday Life Memes

Ever since most of us started working from home, our everyday life looks completely different than it used to before the pandemic. These work-from-home memes illustrate it best.

Working from home meme
Everyone sees working from home differently, depending on where they stand. Your family may think that all you’re doing is watching Netflix and eating popcorn. Your clients imagine you’re always ready to jump on a plane to go to some tropical island. But the reality is that when you work from home, you work almost all the time.
working from home meme and person looking at window
By now, everyone understands the feeling of getting yet another email pop into your inbox. It makes us wonder how many emails it is possible to send in one single day.

Working from home stages meme
Working from home was very exciting at the beginning for most people. However, after a few months, most of us started feeling lonely. If we cannot talk to another person, at least we can talk to our pets and the pigeons on our windows!

work from home memes, a picture of a decent man while working the first day versus a neglected man working the fifth day at home.
Working from home every day means sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and letting your hair grow. This funny meme sums it up best.

Zoom Meeting Memes

Endless Zoom meetings dragging on for hours have become our silent torturer for the entirety of 2020. The lockdown might be over, but video conferences are here to stay. Here are a few memes to help you resist the urge to roll your eyes at yet another absurd Zoom meeting.

working from home meme and half-dressed worker
2020 has proven that it is possible to attend your Zoom video conferences from your jacuzzi, surrounded by empty beer bottles. As long as you put your work clothes on, your boss and coworkers don’t need to know that you’re also wearing a swimsuit.

working from home meme and mute mic
The first rule of conduct on Zoom is to keep your mic muted during the whole meeting unless you are willing to say something. Funnily enough, the only times when you actually forget to mute your mic is precisely when it is needed the most.

working from home meme and man preparing for Zoom call
It turns out that cats really enjoy sitting on your keyboard while you’re in the middle of an important Zoom meeting. Precautions are in order and very well justified.

working from home meme and monkey
Working from home means waking up 30 seconds before your Zoom conference call. However, sleeping for a few more minutes is a good price to pay for showing up to your morning Zoom meeting with your eyes half-open.

working from home meme and Mona Lisa
During the first 10 minutes of your morning Zoom meeting, all you can think about is a coffee break. There’s no way you can start functioning properly without one.

working from home meme and a man
We all know that Zoom meetings tend to be long and boring. However, whenever we find ourselves in the Zoom waiting room prison, we desperately wait for someone to let us in. Are we afraid to miss all the non-existent fun?

working from home meme and a man with beard
There is nothing worse than accidentally turning on the webcam during a conference call when you have neglected shaving and brushing your hair for the last four days. At least, long beards are in style now!

working from home meme and workers
Sometimes, Zoom calls can feel like a lot of hard work. Especially when you are in charge of editing the PowerPoint presentation during the meeting. Then, you’re the only one really working while your colleagues are watching.

Distractions While Working from Home Memes

While working from home, we face a lot of distractions. Even with time tracking being the norm, it can be challenging to focus on your work while you’re surrounded by chores, snacks, Netflix, social media, and your kids and pets.

work from home memes, a cat attacks the hand of a working woman.
Our cats certainly don’t like it when we spend too much time on the computer, instead of giving them their well-deserved attention. It is hard not to get distracted when your fur baby jumps on your lap during a Zoom meeting.

When Conference Calls Go Wrong Memes

Conference calls gone wrong are probably our favorite work-from-home moments. We have all experienced hilarious video conferencing mishaps that can be turned into memes.

working from home meme and conference call
Zoom has so many features and filters that it is pretty easy to get confused! But, at least, if you accidentally turn yourself into a potato, the conference call will become much more interesting for everyone involved.

Working from Home Expectation vs Reality

We all imagined working from home a little different than what it ended up being. Here are some of the most hilarious working from home expectations vs. reality memes!

A working from home meme and a dog
As much as we’d like to wake up early, we all end up waking up exactly two minutes before our morning Zoom meeting. But, at least, we now sleep more than we used to.

A working from home meme expectation vs reality
Working from home has made us all experts in multitasking. Getting on a work Zoom call while cooking your lunch and posting on Facebook at the same time has become our everyday reality. It turns out that you can never do too many things at once!

Productivity When Working from Home

Several studies conducted during the pandemic have shown that people are actually much more productive while working from home. In general, those who work from home tend to be even 47% more productive than those who work in an office setting!

working from home meme and four horsemen
Procrastination is the biggest enemy of remote work. Our homes are full of distractions that are calling for our attention. It can be really difficult to concentrate between napping, snacks, social media, and minor chores waiting to be done!

My Coworkers and Me Memes

Whether at the office, during lunch break, or at a Zoom meeting, coworkers can make your day or ruin it. While working from home, you might be reminiscing about the good and bad times spent with your coworkers. So, here are a few memes to brighten up your day!


working from home meme and four men
Rest assured, you are not the only one attending your Zoom meetings with shorts and colorful socks. We all are, including our bosses. Shirt, tie, and no pants are the official work-from-home attire.

working from home meme and dogs
We have all discovered that the webcam is not very flattering. Watching your coworkers log into the Zoom meeting with funny faces has been the highlight of the year for most of us!

working from home meme and a woman with blindfold
We’d never admit it, but we all silently judge our coworker’s messy houses while at a Zoom meeting. We may even find their backgrounds slightly more interesting than the meeting itself.

Working from Home with Kids Memes

For those who have kids, working from home has been extremely challenging. Here are some hilarious memes that working from home parents can undoubtedly relate to.

work from home meme, a reporter has kids coming in during life news.
Unless you hide in the closet or lock the door to your home office, working from home with kids means being unexpectedly interrupted during an important video call.

working from home meme and parenting
Working from home with kids is not an easy task. Sometimes, extreme measures have to be taken to control the situation.

Work from home memes, a note on the door from a working from home mom.
Putting a “do not enter” note on the door while you’re in a meeting is a great solution to prevent your kids from storming into the room without knocking.

When Animals Hate You Working from Home Memes

The coronavirus lockdown made our fur babies very happy. They love having us at home with them all day long! However, they clearly don’t like it when we are working instead of paying attention to them.

working from home meme and conference call
Your furballs may have a hard time letting you log into your Zoom meeting. They just love you too much. And even if they end up interrupting our video conference calls, we can’t get mad at them.

Working from home meme and a dog
Most of your productivity issues as a remote worker may be due to your dog suddenly requiring all of your attention. It is a legit reason why you haven’t finished that report on time.

When Your Boss Wants a Word with You Memes

These memes prove that there is nothing more stressful than an email from your boss wanting to speak with you, especially when you know your productivity hasn’t been the best.

work from home memes, conversation with a boss.
Remote working means taking unauthorized breaks during work hours to go shopping. The risk is that you never know when you’ll get caught.

Work from home memes, a woman is talking on a phone while holding a pencil.
Now that you are working from home pretending that you are actually working has never been easier. No one will know, anyway.

Web Developer Work from Home Memes

Working from home may be a dream come true for many web developers, but it doesn’t come without challenges. If you are a web developer, these memes will definitely make you laugh.

Work from home memes, a door with number 404 and a note "apartment not found".
“Apartment not found” is by far the best excuse not to work from home.

work from home memes, back issue when working from home concept.
While working from home, we have probably worked from all the chairs, sofas, and other objects that we can sit on around our house. We have also tried sitting in many different positions. That probably explains the constant backache.

When You’re Late to Work But Work from Home Memes

Your boss has probably heard all the possible excuses why an employee is late for work. With remote working, you would think that no one will be late for work ever again. However, that is not the case at all and these memes show it best.

working from home meme and hallway
Is getting held up in your hallway on your way to your home office even possible? It turns out it is, especially if you have to move all of your kids’ toys out of the way and trip over your dog a few times.

Work from home memes, a man is sitting next to computer during a conference and talking to a cat.
Did you know that accidents at home occur more often than anywhere else? If you’re late to work as a remote worker, a “bad accident” is a reasonable excuse you can always call upon.

Working from Home Means Sleeping a Lot of Memes

Since we are less active while working from home, we also get sluggish and tired more easily. This explains why we actually sleep more now.

Work from home memes, a man is working in a bad.
Waking up early and going to work is a distant memory. So now, most of us just sleep with our laptops next to our beds. Yes, this means that we never really stop working.

Work from home memes, a worker is walking in house after a nap.
Whenever you wake up from an accidental nap during work hours, you find a massive amount of emails and messages waiting for you. 150 new emails wake you up more than a cup of coffee!

Working from home memes, an image of a man who wanted to have a nap but ended up sleeping a lot.
Everyone needs a short nap from time to time to recharge their batteries during the workday. The problem is, sometimes a short nap turns into five hours of blissful sleep.

Work from Home Attire Memes

The days of dressing up to work in the morning are long gone. Now, most of us don’t even bother to put on our work clothes and instead opt for casual work-from-home attire. Let’s see what the internet memes have to say about that!

working from home meme and a man with face of a dog
When working from home all week, putting on your usual work clothes seems like an unnecessary chore. Without a doubt, working with your bathrobe on is much more comfortable than putting on a suit.

working from home meme and attires
While we may still feel the need to dress the upper part of our body and look presentable during our video conferences, no one has worn long pants in over a year. Well, except for the same sweatpants that you also wore yesterday.

Home Office Memes

Studies have shown that having a dedicated and well-organized office space at home can help you be more productive. However, working from home means working from literally anywhere around your house. This funny meme illustrates it best!

working from home meme about types of home offices
Without a doubt, any space around your house can be a good enough place to work from your laptop. But, unfortunately, there are always distractions around, whether you choose to work from your bed, kitchen table, or closet.

Remote work has now become the norm for most people. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone enjoys it. Sometimes, working from home, together with coronavirus lockdowns and social distancing, can feel like your worst nightmare. We hope that these hilarious work from home memes have brought a sparkle of humor into your life.

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