30+ Stunning Zillow Stats [Facts, and Trends] this 2023

In recent years, there have been some drastic changes in the housing market, one of which has been the way people buy and sell houses.

One brand that has emerged is Zillow.

It has become a leading rental and real estate marketplace, and the following Zillow stats show how much of an influence it now has in the industry.

General Zillow Stats and Facts 2023

  1. Zillow was founded in 2006 by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink
  2. Zillow headquarters are in Seattle, WA
  3. Zillo averaged 68 million monthly visitors in 2021
  4. Zillow isn’t profitable: in 2021, it lost $528 million
  5. The Zillow business is segmented into three segments: the Homes segment, the Internet, Media, and Technology segment, and the Mortgages segment

Zillow Usage Statistics 2023

  1. Out of the total real estate website traffic, Zillow has a 29% share
  2. In 2021 there were 10.2 billion visits to Zillow properties
  3. 80 million homes on Zillow have been updated by users
  4. In 2016, Zillow had over 84k agent advertisers

Zillow User and Buyer Statistics 2023

  1. 135 million properties are listed on the Zillow marketplace
  2. In 2021, Zillow had 234 million monthly unique users
  3. 50% of Zillow and Trulia visitors say they plan to buy or sell
  4. 37% of Zillow’s audience is in the household income bracket of $100k+
  5. An average Zillow user spends 6 minutes and 21 seconds per visit
  6. An average of 15 pages are looked at by users every visit

Zillow Stats and Facts

Zillow Employees Statistics 2023

  1. In 2020, Zillo had 5,200 employees
  2. There are 9 Zillow office locations
  3. 57.3% of Zillow employees are male, with 65.1% of them taking management and leadership positions
  4. 61.7% of Zillow employees are white

Zillow Growth: Financial Stats 2023

Revenue Stats: Zillow Revenue Breakdown

  1. Since 2017, Zillow has enjoyed an annual increase in revenue of 52.5%
  2. Annual revenue for 2021 was $8.147 billion
  3. Zillow’s net annual income in 2021 was a $527.8 million loss

Expenses Stats

  1. Costs and expenses in 2020 totaled $3.38 billion
  2. In 2020, Zillow spent $672.82 million on marketing and sales

Acquisition Stats

  1. In 2011, Zillow acquired Postlets, a real estate listings platform
  2. In the same year, it also acquired Diverse Solutions, a real estate marketing company, for $7.8 million in stock and cash

Zillow Rent Statistics and Zillow Statistics Sales 2023

Zillow Rent Statistics and Zillow Statistics Sales

  1. In the US, 80% of homes have been viewed via Zillow.com
  2. 420 million homes are viewed by Zillow users per month using mobile devices
  3. Zillow sold 5337 homes in 2020
  4. Zillow homes sold for an average price of $320,500 in 2020

Zillow App Statistics 2023

  1. There are 32 million monthly rental visitors to Zillow apps and rental sites
  2. Mobile users account for 75% of Zillow visits
  3. 186 homes per second are viewed on Zillow mobile apps
  4. There have been 10 million downloads of the Zillow app on GooglePlay
  5. Zillow apps and website receive 9 billion visits every year

Additional Zillow Statistics 2023

  1. According to Zillow, US home values have increased 50.7% since 2016
  2. Search engines account for 40.2% of Zillow’s traffic
  3. Organic referrals make up 94.1% of Zillow’s search engineer referrals

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What percentage of real estate sales come from Zillow?

80% of homes in the US have been viewed on Zillow.

What percentage of buyers search on Zillow?

There were 196 million unique users who accessed Zillow last year.

How much does it cost to advertise on Zillow?

It’s free to list a home for sale on Zillow, whether you’re selling with a real estate agent or for sale by owner (FSBO). However, while it doesn’t charge sellers any listing fees, not all Zillow features and services are free to use.


Zillow is a real estate marketplace that generates revenue by selling advertising on its websites. If you ever want to buy or sell your home, the statistics above show that Zillow is a force to be reckoned with and worth taking a look at.

In terms of visitor traffic, it’s one of the largest real estate websites in the US.

Statistics show that the Zillow Group will continue to grow in the future.

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