40+ Eye-Opening Cognizant Stats and Facts [and More] 2023

Cognizant started as an internal side-project of a much larger company based out of Chennai, India. However, following its release in the world in 1996 and its initial public offering in 1998, it has found roaring success as a Fortune 500 company providing IT services and business process outsourcing services.

Let’s take a look at 40+ of the most eye-opening stats and facts about Cognizant.

General Cognizant Stats and Facts 2023

  1. Cognizant is an international IT service and consulting B2B company situated in the USA
  2. The headquarters for Cognizant is in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA
  3. Cognizant was founded by Kumar Mahadeva and Francisco D’Souza on 26 January 1994 as an in-house unit of Dun & Bradstreet
  4. Cognizant took on its very first external clients in 1996
  5. The first Cognizant IPO took place in 1998, followed by a period of super-fast growth in the early 2000s
  6. Over its lifetime, Cognizant has made some 78 competitor acquisitions in countries all around the world
  7. Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Software (DBSS) rebranded itself as Cognizant Technology Solutions in 1997
  8. Cognizant acts as Facebook’s content monitor, among hosting other services, including financial services and providing services to healthcare providers and payers
  9. IMS sold its entire 56% majority stake in Cognizant in 2003, which was followed swiftly by a “poison pill” stakeholder rights plan to prevent hostile takeover attempts

Cognizant Market Share Statistics 2023

  1. Cognizant market share is about 3.88% as of Q2 2022
  2. Cognizant stock is currently (as of 17 August 2022) at $69.01
  3. Cognizant stock over 2021-22 reached a 52-week high at $93.47 and a 52-week low at $63.26
  4. Cognizant has a profit margin of 11.74% and an operating margin of 15.32% in 2022

Cognizant Usage Statistics 2023

  1. 5 of the top 10 internet companies use Cognizant services
  2. Cognizant business consulting statistics include the fact that all 30 of the largest pharma companies use Cognizant services
  3. 9 of the top 10 European banks use Cognizant services
  4. 23 of the top 25 healthcare plans are provided by Cognizant

Cognizant Stats and Facts

Cognizant Employees and Customers Stats 2023

Cognizant Employees and Customers Stats

  1. Cognizant employs around 330,600 people all around the world, the near-majority of which (150,000) are located in 10 locations across India – the original headquarters of the progenitor company
  2. Only 35% of Cognizant employees are women, whilst 65% of the employee roll list is made up of men
  3. Cognizant’s main employee ethnicity is Asian (at 42%), followed closely by White employees (at 36%) and finally by Latinx employees (at just 10%)
  4. Generally speaking, Cognizant employees work at the company for a period of about 6.5 years
  5. The average salary of a Cognizant employee is a yearly $84,545
  6. 64% of Cognizant employees are minorities, whilst 49% of the company’s executives are minorities
  7. Cognizant employee count showed that around 6,000 consultants were on the books in 2018

Cognizant Revenue Statistics 2023

  1. Cognizant revenue in 2021 was $18.5 billion, a record profit following 8 consecutive years of growth
  2. Cognizant revenue in 2020 was $16.6 billion
  3. Cognizant revenue in 2013 was $8.8 billion
  4. In 2022, it is projected that Cognizant revenue will reach $19.25 billion
  5. In 2022, it is projected that Cognizant gross profit (of revenue of $19.25 billion) will be $6.91 billion

Cognizant Benefits Stats 2023

  1. Cognizant employees enjoy health insurance benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and accidental coverage
  2. Benefits of Cognizant statistics include maternity and paternal leave, employee discounts, stock options, and a 401(k) plan, as well as 10 days paid time off
  3. Cognizant green card statistics show that employees may receive Visa and green card sponsorship, annual performance bonuses, and the opportunity to work flexibly from home
  4. Cognizant offers benefits such as employee assistance programs and employee mentoring programs

Things You Didn’t Know About Cognizant 2023

  1. During this first IPO, Cognizant raised $34 million (less than the IMS Health underwriters were hoping for)
  2. Cognizant is composed of several different horizontal and vertical business units, including Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing and Retail (vertical), Analytics, Mobile Computing, BPO, and Testing (horizontal)
  3. Cognizant has come under intense global scrutiny for an incredible (indeed, countless) number of illegal actions over the years, including poor working conditions, tax evasion, discrimination, Companies Act violations, bribery, corruption, and wage theft

Cognizant Ranking in Fortune 500

  • Cognizant became a member of the Fortune 500 in 2011
  • As of 2021, Cognizant is ranked #185 on the Fortune 500 companies list
  • Cognizant’s Fortune 500 ranking of #185 in 2021 is its highest rank since first appearing (at #484) on the list in 2011. It has been steadily climbing since then
  • In 2015, Fortune magazine recognized Cognizant as the 4th most admired IT services company in the world
  • In 2017, Fortune magazine placed Cognizant on its “Future 50” list
  • For 10 consecutive years, Cognizant appeared in Fortune’s “100 Fastest-Growing Companies” list from 2003-2012

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What is the CEO of Cognizant’s salary?

The current CEO of Cognizant is Brian J. Humphries, who makes a salary of $1,230,262 per year (1.23 million US dollars) as of 2022. However, this is not the only money Brian J. Humphries makes.

In fact, in addition to this incredible amount of money, he last year took home $4,086,930 as a bonus and a further $14,097,855 in stock. In total, Cognizant’s CEO made $19,687,285 (19.69 million US dollars).

How many companies does Cognizant serve?

Cognizant serves some of the biggest companies worldwide with internet and data services, healthcare services, and IT solutions. It is impossible to say exactly how many companies worldwide – from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations – use Cognizant.

Suffice it to say that the majority of the world’s largest companies in the internet, pharma, banking, and healthcare are served by Cognizant.

How many employees does Cognizant have?

Cognizant employs 330,600 employees around the globe, with about half of them (150,000) based in various locations around India. This is quite a large number of employees, even for a Fortune 500 company.

Since it originated in India, it is one of the few Fortune 500 companies with a majority Indian workforce.


Cognizant supplies many, many different services to many thousands of companies all around the world – including some of the biggest companies known (such as Facebook).

Despite countless criminal acts, it continues to pull in billions of dollars in revenue each year.


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