62 Fascinating Oracle Stats and Facts [and Trends] in 2023

Oracle is one of the largest programming and software companies. Established 45 years ago as a small database management company, it is now also a cloud computing corporation that helps entire industries build their infrastructure.

Its headquarters are in Redwood Shores, California.

General Oracle Stats and Facts 2023

  1. Oracle started as Software Development Laboratories in 1977
  2. It became Relational Software Incorporated in 1979
  3. Larry Ellison was the only CEO until 2014 when Safra Catz and Mark Hurd were appointed CEOs as well
  4. Mark Hurd passed in 2019, making Safra Catz the sole CEO
  5. Larry Ellison is now executive chairman and CTO
  6. The CIA was one of Software Developmental Laboratories’ first customers
  7. Their project was codenamed “Oracle”
  8. The company was renamed Oracle Systems Corporation in 1982
  9. In 1995, the company renamed itself again to Oracle Corporation
  10. The first version of Oracle released commercially was called Oracle 2 to give people the impression that there were no more bugs to be worked out

Oracle Market Share Statistics 2023

  1. Oracle’s earnings doubled every year between 1980 and 1987
  2. Since then, Oracle’s earnings have continued to increase, though not double
  3. Oracle’s main rivals are Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Intel

Oracle Usage Statistics 2023

  1. Oracle offers more than 80 cloud infrastructure services in 34 regions
  2. Oracle has more than 70 million users
  3. It processes more than 33 billion daily transactions
  4. It is used by more than 54,000 devices
  5. Oracle has collected more than 700 petabytes of data

Oracle Employee Statistics 2023

Oracle Employee Statistics

  1. Oracle had over 132,000 employees, declining from 138,000 back in 2017
  2. Oracle has 13,000 customer support specialists that speak 29 different languages
  3. More than 200 Oracle employees volunteered nearly 9000 hours to coach students through classes on technology and design thinking
  4. 32% of Oracle employees are women
  5. 51% of Oracle employees are white
  6. 21% of Oracle employees are Asian
  7. 14% of Oracle employees are Hispanic or Latino
  8. 49% of Oracle employees are minorities
  9. While the most common minority at Oracle is Asian, the most common foreign language is Spanish
  10. Oracle employees are most likely to be Democrats
  11. Employees stay with Oracle for an average of 5.2 years
  12. The average Oracle employee makes $110,650 per year
  13. Oracle has more than 7000 remote jobs
  14. Most Oracle employees work in Austin, Texas
  15. The most common degree completed for employees is a bachelor’s, with 69% of employees having at least that
  16. 20% of Oracle employees majored in computer science, making it the most common major among them

Oracle Product Stats 2023

  1. Oracle Cloud adoption has doubled among enterprises in 2021
  2. Oracle Cloud infrastructure is used in many areas, including blockchain, machine learning, MySQL, and data science
  3. Oracle Linux is a free operating system used by computers since 2006
  4. Oracle products are used in many sectors, including communications, healthcare, retail, and utilities
  5. Oracle’s enterprise applications include Ebusiness Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards

Oracle Stats and Facts

Oracle Database Security Statistics and Facts 2023

  1. Oracle scored the highest rating of cloud database security: 4.5/5
  2. No one else scored above a 4/5
  3. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is self patching

Oracle Revenue Statistics

  1. Oracle has $40.8 billion in revenue in the cloud tech sector
  2. Oracle had a net income of $13.75 billion in 2021, an increase of $3 billion over 2020
  3. Oracle reported a 5.45% increase in revenue for 2022 thus far

Additional Oracle Stats

Additional Oracle Stats

  1. Oracle bought PeopleSoft in 2004 for $10.3 billion
  2. Oracle bought Sun Microsystems in 2010 for roughly $7 billion, gaining Java
  3. Java is considered to be the most important software Oracle has ever acquired
  4. After acquiring PeopleSoft and Java, Oracle was now both a hardware and a software company
  5. Oracle declared bankruptcy in the 1990s but recovered
  6. It is ranked 2nd for most prominent software companies after Microsoft
  7. Oracle sued Google in 2010 in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit for using elements of Java in the Android operating system
  8. In 2016, the jury ruled that Google had not violated any of Oracle’s copyrights
  9. Amazon Web Services is now a major competitor for databases after Amazon stopped using Oracle’s databases in 2019
  10. Oracle has spent $56 billion in research and development since 2012
  11. Oracle built internet-ready products prior to customer demand
  12. Oracle is now owned by Larry EllisonOracle Corporation
  13. Oracle partners with Microsoft in order to deploy Oracle software on Microsoft systems
  14. 2.2 million students around the globe benefit from educational donations made by Oracle
  15. In the years 2013 and 2014, Oracle donated roughly $5 billion to education-related initiatives
  16. Oracle recycles more than 20 tons of plastic waste from its offices yearly
  17. Today, Oracle has $137 billion in total assets

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What percentage of Oracle does Ellison own?

Larry Ellison, 77, currently owns 36% of the company he helped co-found in 1977. He no longer helps run Oracle however, instead he serves as the company’s chairman and chief technology officer.

He has a net worth of roughly $55.4 billion.

What percentage of the database market does Oracle hold?

Oracle’s object-relational database management system holds 15.61% of the database market. It is used by over 60,000 companies, most of which are either in the United States, India, or the United Kingdom.

What percentage of Oracle revenue comes from a database?

Oracle Cloud services and license support made up 72% of Oracle’s revenue in 2021. Their Cloud license made up 13%, their hardware made up 8%, and other Oracle services made up the other 7%.

What is the average salary of a software engineer at Oracle?

An Oracle Software Engineer can expect to make an average of $163,708 per year. The estimated base pay is roughly $126,000, with additional payments being made up of cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing.


Oracle is smart and has been investing in the right areas since its inception. Their revenue has been increasing since 1980.

While they have a lot of large competitors, they also know their niche of the market and certainly are not going anywhere anytime soon.


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