AI Technology in Writing: Cheating or a Genius Tool for Students? Debunking the Debate

The appearance of ChatGPT has shaken numerous industries. While it is still not at the level where it can put some jobs in danger, there is a high possibility this might be the case in the future. In fact, there are already many studies that talk about how many jobs can be lost due to the appearance of artificial intelligence. 

But there is one aspect many do not talk about when it comes to this technology, education. Many educators are alarmed by the introduction of this technology for many reasons. One of the reasons is plagiarism. Numerous other fields face the same problem. 

But the most important role is the lack of research, which leads to the lack of education in the long run. Naturally, that doesn’t mean that using this technology only has downsides. In fact, it can be of much help. If you are interested in getting help with writing essays, visit Grabmyessay

Today, we want to talk about this subject in greater detail and try to debunk the debate.

Teacher’s Perspective

Teacher’s Perspective

Before we talk about anything else, we want to touch upon the teacher’s perspective on this subject. As you will certainly agree, teachers have an important role in shaping children’s opinions and interests to a certain degree.

Therefore, they are certainly interested in providing the best possible education, especially when they see someone is gifted in a particular subject. Of course, knowing exactly how to spot someone’s talent is not easy.

With that in mind, we can relate to teachers who are hesitant about their students using AI technology in writing essays or any other type of paper. We already mentioned that the lack of research directly influences the lack of education.

Also, we’ve talked about plagiarism. However, these two reasons are not the only ones. One of the major reasons is the lack of enthusiasm and motive.

Let us be honest, people generally prefer to do something easier than to invest effort. It is how we are, and there are not many different preferences to this one. Education is the time when many teachers are interested in motivating their students to explore as many subjects as possible, alongside helping them to spark an interest in a particular subject. Therefore, you can imagine their disappointment with the lack of motivation.

Find the Right Balance

AI Writing Tools

Since there are so many things that require the utmost attention on behalf of the individual using AI writer tools, finding the right balance comes as an absolute must. A good example of finding the right balance is trying to learn as much as possible from AI suggestions. Instead of following all the suggestions immediately, take your time to go through them and see what are the ones that make sense.

Plagiarism is a big problem, as we’ve already said. That is why it should be important for the user to try and avoid it as much as possible. The topic of plagiarism is not a simple one. One of the things that require attention is to put quotation marks and provide a reference for all the claims made in the paper. If this doesn’t happen, the professor can find the source and claim plagiarism.

Furthermore, embrace the mindset that the AI writing tool is there to help you, not to replace you. If you do not do that, there is a high chance that the outcome will not be satisfying for the professors. Therefore, many unpleasant situations can arise from that moment. If you are unsure of how to use these tools, you can always find a guide online, or if possible, consult with the teacher.

What are the Benefits?

The Benefits of Using AI Writers

The list of benefits of using AI writers is quite long, but we want to keep our focus only on the most important ones. One of the major qualities is that they can help by enhancing writing quality. These tools will immediately remove all the issues with grammar, spelling mistakes, and punctuation. In many cases, they provide a couple of options you can select when it comes to the sentence’s structure.

The next benefit that requires our attention is time efficiency. You will agree that meeting the deadline is among the most stressful parts of writing an essay. Therefore, use these tools to keep your work within the deadlines you’ve been given. The field where you are able to see the biggest improvement is the minimal time you need to commit to editing. It provides the utmost clarity. 

Accessibility is also of massive importance. These days, AI writers are already available online, and there are numerous options you can choose from. With that in mind, you will be able to find the one that accommodates your needs and preferences. Furthermore, there are numerous options when it comes to free tools, which is helpful for those who do not have the budget to spend on subscriptions.

How About the Downsides?

Potential Downsides of AI Writing Tools

The final thing we want to talk about is the list of potential downsides. You should keep in mind that avoiding these pitfalls doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Still, you will need to be extra careful about not falling into these. The biggest issue is plagiarism. We do not believe elaborating on this subject is needed. The next potential issue revolves around ethical considerations.

You will hear many voices who speak about AI technology being responsible for diminishing the authenticity of someone’s efforts. Of course, this directly influences the decision whether someone will use it or not. But the biggest issue out there is limited creativity. Limited creativity is quite a big problem since it mostly focuses on formal writing. The moment something creative is needed, this might be an issue for the tool.

Additionally, in fields like poker, where strategic thinking and adaptability are crucial, the influence of AI technology on gameplay raises intriguing questions about the balance between human intuition and algorithmic decision-making.

The Verdict

Using AI writing tools is a big topic at the moment, for various reasons. Here, you can find our take when it comes to using these tools in education, mainly for essay writing. Of course, there are numerous issues that might come with this approach, but our verdict is that the pros outweigh the cons, by far.


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